Cyber Monday Delights: Paw-some Pet Gifts Under $50

by Haley Mills · November 22, 2023

Discover unbeatable Cyber Monday pet deals under $50 at Cherrybrook! Delight your furry friends with slow feeder bowls, cozy pajamas, grooming essentials, and more—all at wallet-friendly prices. Shop now for paw-some savings!

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to kick off the festivities than with Cyber Monday deals that will make pet lovers’ hearts leap with joy? This year, Cherrybrook has curated a special collection of gifts for your furry family members, all under the $50 mark. Here’s our guide to the best pet deals this Cyber Monday, ensuring you get the most bark for your buck!

Feeding Frenzy with a Twist

SodaPup Great Outdoors Slow Feeder Bowl – Green Price: $21.99

Transform mealtime into a challenging adventure with the SodaPup Slow Feeder Bowl. Its intricate design is perfect for slowing down pets who gobble their food too fast, promoting better digestion and adding a dash of fun to their daily routine.

Lost and Found in Style

Trill Paws Call My People Pet Tag Price: $29.00

The Trill Paws pet tag is as humorous as it is functional. Engraved with a cheeky message that ensures your pet’s safe return, it’s the perfect accessory for the pet that has personality to spare.

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

fabdog Green Plaid Flannel Dog Pajamas Price: $25.00

These fabdog pajamas are not just a fashion statement but a cozy hug for your dog on a cold night. Adorned with a classic plaid design, they will surely be a hit at holiday gatherings.

Holiday Sparkle

Cherrybrook Laser Engraved Round Facet Crystal Ornament Price: $33.99

Personalize your Christmas tree with a touch of pet-inspired sparkle. This laser-engraved crystal ornament is a timeless keepsake that reflects the light and love of your pet.

A Toast to Our Furry Friends

Cherrybrook Laser-Engraved Elan Bamboo Cork Screw With Case Price: $29.99

For the wine aficionado with a furry companion at their feet, this bamboo corkscrew is a blend of elegance and utility, engraved with a pet-centric design that’s sure to start conversations.

Groomed to Perfection

Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brushes Price: $50.00

A favorite among professional groomers, these slicker brushes are the secret weapon against mats and tangles. Give your pet the gift of a salon-quality grooming experience at home.

A Bath Time Scent-sation

Nature’s Specialties Spiced Cranberry Shampoo Price: $23.50

Pamper your pet with the festive scent of spiced cranberry. This shampoo doesn’t just clean; it envelops your pet in a holiday aroma that lingers lovingly on their fur.

The Essence of Autumn

Best Shot Seasonal Spa Harvest Apple Body and Facial Wash 16oz Price: $10.00

Capture the essence of fall with this gentle body and facial wash. Its harvest apple scent is a crisp reminder of autumnal walks and cozy evenings by the fire.

Stockings Stuffed with Love

FuzzYard Gingerbread Snowstorm Holiday Stocking Price: $6.00

No fireplace mantle is complete without a stocking for your pet. This gingerbread-themed stocking is just waiting to be filled with your pet’s favorite goodies.

Reindeer Games

fabdog Reindeer faball® Squeaky Dog Toy Price: $14.99

This reindeer isn’t just for Santa’s sleigh; it’s ready to be chased and chomped by your playful pooch. With a built-in squeaker, it guarantees hours of entertainment.

These are just a few of the many options available for pet lovers looking to spoil their companions without breaking the bank this Cyber Monday. Remember to check the prices, as they are subject to change and may vary. Happy shopping, and here’s to a holiday season filled with joy, pets, and plenty of savings!

Last Updated: April 21, 2024

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