Volaris ESA and Psychiatric Service Dog Policy

Volaris Main Takeaways:

  • People with service dogs can travel for free on Volaris Airlines.
  • Required documentations: Vaccination record and animal health certificate.
  • Advanced Notice: Check-in through website, app, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. Liability waiver for brachycephalic dogs.
  • Pet fees: Up to $190 for bringing pets on the flight.
  • Breed Restrictions: Some aggressive breeds prohibited.
  • Pet Carrier Size Requirements: Approved carrier dimensions for cabin travel.
  • Travel Requirements: Only dogs and cats allowed. Restrictions on nursing, pregnant, sick, or young pets.
  • Domestic: Allow two hours for boarding with ESA or service animal.
  • International: Arrive three hours before the flight for ESA or service dog documentation.
  • US Inbound: Some dogs from specific countries not allowed in the United States, including ESA dogs.

All people with a service dog have the right to travel with their service dog at no additional charge. Volaris Airlines staff will assist travelers throughout their journey. It’s recommended to notify the airline when the flight is booked. When you arrive at the airport, you should notify the staff again.

Passengers with service animals are provided with the best place to wait to board the airplane and other information about taking care of their pets at the airline. You will be asked to provide documentation to ensure your service animal is healthy. Your service dog must always wear its collar or harness and leash. Passengers with a service dog can choose any seat except the emergency exit.  

Volaris Required Documentations

Documentation is required to travel with a service animal. Here’s what you need to provide:

Vaccination record

Animal health certificate dated fewer than five days before the initial flight (Note: Travelers going from the United States to Mexico don’t need a health certificate; SENASICA personnel inspect your dog upon arrival.)

Advanced Notice

Volaris offers easy check-in on their website and through their app. You can also use WhatsApp (+52 55 5898 8599) to check in and notify the airline of additional services you require for your service animal.  Facebook Messenger is another avenue to contact the airline.

If you plan to travel with a brachycephalic dog, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver.

Volaris’ Pet Fees

Volaris charges up to $190 to bring your pet on the flight.

Volaris’ Breed Restrictions

If you are traveling with a brachycephalic animal, you must sign a liability waiver. Breeds considered aggressive or dangerous, such as Anatolian Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd, Akita Inu, Brazilian Mastiff, Rottweiler, Doberman, and Tosa Inu, are prohibited on board or in the cargo hold.

Volaris’ Pet Carrier Size Requirements

To take your pet in the cabin, the carrier must be approved for air transport and measure no more than 17.5″ long, 12″ wide, and 7.5″ high. The pet and carrier cannot weigh more than 22 pounds together.

Volaris’ Travel Requirements

The only pets allowed on Volaris’ flights are dogs and cats. Pets that are nursing, pregnant, sick, or under four months old are not allowed to fly.


Give yourself at least two hours to get through the boarding process for domestic flights with an ESA or service animal.


Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight to ensure your ESA or service dog has all the documentation.

US Inbound

Dogs from El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, and Honduras are not permitted to enter the United States except in New York with a CDC Dog Import Permit. This includes ESA dogs.