Hawaiian Airlines ESA and Psychiatric Service Dog Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Main Takeaways:

  • Hawaiian Airlines requires completed forms for service dogs, 48-hour notice before the flight.
  • Service dogs allowed in the cabin, max 2, not in emergency exit rows.
  • Pet fees vary based on destination and location in the plane.
  • No restrictions on specific breeds, but some discouraged from checked baggage.
  • Pet carrier size limits for cabin and checked pets.
  • Health certificate required within two weeks before departure.
  • Domestic and international flight restrictions for pets.
  • US Inbound follows domestic flight regulations.

Understanding Hawaiian Airlines’ service dog policies mean you will not have any surprises at the airport. 

Hawaiian Airlines’ Required Documentation

Hawaiian Airlines requires a completed Service Animal Air Transportation Form before travel. This document asks for your contact information, the date of your dog’s most recent rabies vaccine, and a signature from a veterinarian certifying that your dog does not have fleas or ticks.

*The airline requires a DOT Animal Relief Form for flights over eight hours non-stop. 

Advanced Notice 

Hawaiian Airlines’ service dog policy requires you to complete the US DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form 48 hours before your flight. Electronic submittal notifies the airline of your intent to travel with a service dog.

You can contact customer service at 1-800-367-5320 with additional questions. 

Hawaiian Airlines’ Service Animal Seating Requirements

Hawaiian Airlines allows up to two PSDs to fly for free as long as they remain at your feet during the flight. Service dogs cannot ride in emergency exit rows.

If your PSD is too large to fit in the space on the floor, the airline may reschedule your flight for one with more room. The airline can require the dog to travel in the cargo hold if no flight is available. 

Hawaiian Airlines’ Pet Fees

The cost of bringing your pet onboard a plane with you depends on where you’re traveling and where the pet rides.

The pet travel fee on inter-island flights between Hawaiian islands is $35 to ride in the cabin and $60 in the luggage compartment.

Pets traveling on flights between North America and Hawaii require a fee of $125 to ride in the cabin and $225 for the luggage compartment.

Hawaiian Airlines’ Breed Restrictions

Hawaiian Airlines’ pet policy states that rodents, poultry, wild birds, reptiles, and fish are not allowed on flights under any circumstances.

The airline has no restrictions on specific animal breeds, but cats and dogs must be over eight weeks old, and household birds over two weeks old to travel. Since snub-nosed dogs, such as Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingese, etc., might have difficulty breathing, Hawaiian Airlines discourages checking them as baggage.

Hawaiian Airlines’ Pet Carrier Size Requirements

According to Hawaiian Airlines’ pet policy, pets must ride in carriers in the cabin and luggage compartment. Carry-on pets must ride in a soft-sided carrier no larger than 16″ L x 10″ W x 9.5″ H. The carrier should fit under the seat in front of you. Hard-sided carriers are necessary for checked pets and should not exceed 36″L x 25″W x 27″H.

Hawaiian Airlines’ Travel Requirements

All animals flying to or from Hawaii must get a valid animal health certificate from a veterinarian dated within two weeks before the departure date.

Additionally, animals flying into Hawaii must visit the animal quarantine facility upon arrival at the Oahu airport. If you fly directly to any other airport in Hawaii, you must also obtain a Neighbor Island Inspection Permit from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

Hawaii has strict stipulations for bringing pets and service dogs to the islands. Review this process early to avoid the state’s mandated 120-day quarantine.


Pets are not allowed in first class on any flights between Hawaii and North America. Also, flights between Hawaii and Boston, New York, Austin, or Orlando do not permit animals in the cabin or as checked pets.

Embargo restrictions are in place between April 15 and October 15. During this time, animals cannot fly in the Hawaiian Airlines cargo department on flights between Hawaii and San Jose, Phoenix, Las Vegas, or Sacramento.


Trained service animals can fly in the cabin on international flights, but no pets are allowed.

US Inbound

US inbound flights follow the same regulations listed under domestic flights.